Building a Fandom for Global Health

What Makes A Fan?

I am fortunate enough to be married to a self-identified fan boy. The type of person who squeals when a new comic book is released, writes pages upon pages of fan fiction, and regularly bonds with strangers over their shared love for a character (Dr. Strange). Fans have a religious-like zeal for their favorite characters and worlds. Just look at Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Avengers…the list goes on.

Levels of Engagement and Interactivity

I believe fans are the most interactive audiences of entertainment franchises. They don’t merely sit and observe. They collaborate, they build, they share and they create new experiences based upon the franchise’s characters and cannon.

Co-Creators for Global Health Solutions

Now what if we applied the same concepts from entertainment-based fandoms to issues like global health? How could we leverage fans to co-create experiences — even solutions — for serious global issues like pandemics or cardiovascular disease?

At the intersection of Health and Entertainment

At the intersection of Health and Entertainment

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