Healthy Fans — Part 2

Healthcare Must Be Fan Worthy

Big Tech’s Bet

Some of these companies

These companies have succeeded at engaging consumers with their tech and content offerings, yet will that engagement transfer to health? Can they turn patients into fans?

As DTC healthcare continues to provide consumer products, the opportunities to build fans of health are enormous. But what would this look like?

It will look a lot like entertainment consumer products.

Exercise While Being Entertained

As Niantic extends its entertainment offerings, their mission has expanded to include “exercise” as a key requisite of their games. I am eager to see how players react to their newest release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!I believe Niantic will continue to create character-driven experiences that encourage players to explore their world and effortlessly stay fit.

I am deeply energized by the great work done by Niantic, but I know that we can do much more.

DTC healthcare’s user-friendly technology and digital engagement will surely improve health outcomes. Yet the full potential for DTC health cannot be realized until we start creating experiences worth repeating, until we create entertainment with health as a core by-product.

Ari Mostov is a transmedia producer and founder of Zamarra. Learn more by visiting her website: or follow her on twitter @arimostov

Ari Mostov is passionate about scaling healing through content and technology. She is the founder of WellPlay, a health entertainment company.

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