The Coming Convergence of Health and Entertainment

Originally published December 18th, 2019 on linkedin

Healthcare is failing.

Consumers are increasingly alienated from big insurers, big pharma and the consolidation of providers. Tech is moving to solve these problems, but trust in tech, especially for sensitive health information, is at an all-time low.

Our company, WellPlay, overcomes this alienation by applying our entertainment expertise to solve some of the complex challenges of healthcare: patient engagement, treatment adherence and behavior change. In simple terms, we use the “Disneyfication” of healthcare to transform patients into fans.

Healthcare and entertainment are converging.

We see these silos start to break down at companies like Amazon. With the recent announcements of Alexa’s medication management and their leap forward into interactive audio entertainment, we anticipate that Amazon’s Alexa — which has been HIPPA compliant since April 2019 — will soon be tackling the longstanding healthcare issues of patient engagement and treatment adherence with a novel strategy: interactive entertainment.

Yet Amazon will falter.

No matter how many gizmos, gadgets, and shiny new things Amazon and its contemporaries bring to market, the general public — who aren’t fitness enthusiasts or health zealots — will still lack engagement and adoption of these new health offerings.

Unless of course we change the narrative of healthcare.

But how?

Introducing WellPlay

Players are on hero’s quest to defeat disease. We activate a player’s agency to make their own health care decisions in game play; emboldening players with health literacy and new health behaviors (read more on the new narrative of health here).

WellPlay is the first consumer entertainment company that improves health outcomes.

As tech companies continue to apply their product and user experience expertise to the tricky beast that is US healthcare, we at WellPlay believe that reframing the narrative of health and producing fan worthy health content, products, and experiences, will result in better health outcomes.


We’re WellPlay and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

At the intersection of Health and Entertainment

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